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Pack The Perfect Diaper Bag For A Newborn

What are the top ten “must haves” in your Diaper Bag for a newborn baby?

The Changing Mat

You NEED a clean place to lay your baby during diaper changes…..Keep your wipeable (another must) handy in your diaper bag

The Bellaboo collection has an included change mat

Diapers – (You Knew This One)

4 – 6 Newborn Diapers for a day out!
We are loving the HelloBello range with super cute designs.

They offer some good value bundles you can sign up for and save.

Bottles & Formula

Bottle fed babies –  this will depend on your newborns feeding pattern and your time away from home.  Its a good idea to take boiled water in a bottle and the formula in a seperate container. 
The water can be reheated at anytime and formula added. Preventing milk being left for long periods of time.

Outfits For You & Your Baby

Yes a few for your baby and one for you!   Babies spit up and poop explosively……..(welcome to motherhood)

Remove the added stress of spending the day in a dirty top and pop a spare in your bag!

We are loving these super cute outfits by Reverie Threads.

Water Wipes

I say Water Wipes as these are kinder to a babys delicate skin.

 WaterWipes are a brand of baby wipes. Compared to traditional baby wipes, they contain more water & fewer additives like fragrances, dyes, and preservatives.


A blanket/swaddle is a great item to pop in…. for covering baby in cooler environments and when you are nursing.

And these are just super adorable by Isla & Fraser

Burp Cloths

To hopefully eliminate the need for a quick outdoor change of clothes!
These are great for burping, wiping up dribbles and also as a thin cover for your little one.  We found these on Etsy and they are gorgeous!


Diaper Cream

There are lots on the market and which you use is dependent on your babys skin….but I cannot SHOUT about this enough….Use vaseline as your everyday diaper cream!!! this is gentle, inexpensive and totally safe…plus it will help prevent more serious diaper rashes.

Hand Gel/Anti Bacterial Wipes

I think most of us carry these nowadays but just in case….pop some in your diaper bag…..hand gel and wipes!

Great for after emergency diaper changes and for wiping down those grubbier places!

Messy Bags

 These are super pretty bags perfect  for dirty diapers…. and messy clothes ….but Ziploc bags will do the same job!

So go pretty or save your $”s for fun things

So these are our essential Top 10 items for a Newborn Diaper Bag….but the list can be endless…..and without stating the obvious (Cards, Cash & phone) we hope this helps you on your everyday outings!

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