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5 Things They Don’t Tell You About Birth!

Hey Mommas….. I have a few things I learnt from birthing my 3 sons to share with you.

if you are pregnant with your first baby, this may be helpful….if you are already a Mom…you will know this stuff !

1 ~  Epidurals

They do not always work! 
I am not a “grin and bear it” type of a girl….if there is something to make things less painful…I am having it.  So naturally, I had decided if needed I would have an epidural…..and I did.

But… worked completely fine except for one small area on my right side just above my pelvis…..the contractions were still as intense in this isolated area.  I had plans to be drinking tea and chatting whilst my body did its thing with the epidural making all this possible….but no, it didn’t quite go as I planned.

2 ~ Shout

You need to be assertive! There is so much going on during labor & birth…but remember this very important thing.

“Its your body – and you know it better than anyone”

Now I am not advising you to ignore medical advice or anything like that….but if you have questions – ask them!
if it dose not feel right or you are not happy – say it!

3 ~ Dignity

Hang it up girl….on the way in and collect it on the way out!

You will be poked, prodded, stared at, felt and chatted about……all for good reason…but there is no privacy going on during birth.

4 ~ Hangry

You will get hungry! It is hard work giving birth and you will get tired and hungry.

Quite often you will not be able to eat during the later stages of birth, in case you need any emergency medical intervention…… take some glucose tablets with you! They can provide you with some much needed energy to keep you going! You got this!

5 ~ Breast Is Best

Is it?
 I truly believe the happiness of both mom and baby are the most important thing and breastfeeding will not always come easy. You and your newborn are both new to it – learn together without pressure or guilt.

Motherhood is a journey to enjoy together.

One extra point –  you may hate your husband during and after birth especially if like mine….he mentions how uncomfortable the chair is…or has to leave the room during any needle procedure….this is ok too! It will pass….

But we are the lucky ones and get the privilige to grow and birth a new human being into the world.

I hope you found this helpful in a light hearted way…..if you enjoyed please hit my “follow” button for more.

We would love to hear any experiences or tips you have to share with us.

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